Auburn Girls High School

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Special education and support

Faculty aims

We aim to inspire and motivate all students to strive for success. We believe that education is about celebrating individual successes through focusing as a team on our students’ individual strengths and abilities to reach their educational potential.

Auburn Girls High School is an inclusive school where students with additional needs participate in a range of school activities. Students in Support classes undertake a range of courses including regular curriculum and Life Skills core subjects, i.e. English, Mathematics, Science, and HSIE. Therefore, students can become independent young people who participate safely, responsibly and respectfully in the wider community.

Individual Learning Planes are being developed through collaboration and communication with students, parents, teachers and other support agencies where appropriate.

Supporting students

Support Staff consists of highly qualified and experienced teachers trained in special education to plan and provide modified and differentiated educational programs within different school settings. For each class we have trained and experienced School Learning Support Officers to assist with delivery of special programs and pastoral care of students.

Support classes

Two IM classes for student with Mild Intellectual Delay and one IO class for students with Moderate Intellectual Delay consisting only of students with disability. These classes are smaller and often more structured than those in mainstream setting.

Individual learning plans

Individual Learning Plan meetings are conducted each year for all students and Transition Plans for senior students. These meetings usually take one hour each and provide an opportunity for Students, Parents, Teachers and support agencies.

Educational settings

Support Classes within the Support Unit taught by support teachers.

Inclusion in regular classroom such as Languages, Ceramics, Visual Arts, Mandatory Technology taught by mainstream teachers.