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Human society and its environment

In human society and its environment (HSIE), both subjects of history and geography are mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Students learn specific historical and geographical concepts and skills in history and geography. They also have an opportunity to learn more about people and the societies and environments in which they live through elective subjects in Years 7 to 10 (Stages 4 to 5).

A large number of individual subjects make up the key learning area of HSIE in which students:

  • research, gather and analyse information
  • question and make judgements
  • write for a variety of purposes. 


Students study Ancient History because it provides them with opportunities to satisfy their fascination and interest in the stories of the past and the mysteries of human behaviour. It allows them to develop and apply the research skills and methodologies of the historian and archaeologist. It equips students to question critically and interpret written and archaeological sources for the evidence they provide about the ancient world.

The study of Modern History allows students to consider the great social, technological, economic, political and moral transformations from the late 19th century to the present. It requires students to analyse the sources, causes, progress and effects of these transformations and, finally, to make judgements about them.

The faculty offers the following courses in Years 11-12:

  • Modern History
  • Ancient History
  • History Extension

Social sciences

The Social Sciences faculty provides learning experiences across a broad based curriculum. Collaborative learning, Civics and Citizenship, and Achieving your Potential are core values which the Social Sciences Faculty seeks to instill in all students at Auburn Girls High School.

The study of social sciences equips our students with the tools to better manage their lives as well as make a positive contribution to the wider community and deal with significant issues that impact on our lives. Students are encouraged to take risk with their learning and venture out into the real world through a variety of extension and enrichment activities.

Courses offered

  • Year 7 - 8: Geography
  • Year 9 - 10: Geography, Commerce, Elective Geography
  • Year 11 - 12: Business Services (VET), Business Studies, Retail (VET), Legal Studies, Economics, Studies of Religion, Geography

The faculty is committed to and recognises the value of collaborative learning. Through initiatives such as embedding fieldwork in Geography, Market Day in Commerce and work placement we seek to support 21st century learners.

The faculty conducts a wide range of excursions and fieldwork to broaden student experiences and their commitment to the wider community and the environment.

The Social Sciences staff supports the school in the pursuit of ‘discovering your potential’ by continuously engaging in professional development. Through structured learning, team teaching and individual projects, staff are committed to improving educational practice.

Teaching staff

Mr P. Bailey - History

Mr N. Brackenbury - History

Ms N. Mahmoud - History

Ms C. Richardson - History

Ms W. Hakim - History

Ms D. Kanti - History

Ms M. Matta - History

Ms K. Rao - History

Ms K. Young - History

Ms N. Craig - Head Teacher Social Science

Ms R. Khairallah - Social Science