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Positive Education


Strengths-based Positive Education

Strengths-based Positive Education is an evidence based educational approach that draws on Positive Psychology's emphasis of each individual’s strengths and personal motivation to promote learning.

Strengths can be defined as a student’s intellectual, physical and interpersonal skills, capacities, dispositions, interests and motivations.

Some examples of character strengths include:

·         Self-regulation

·         Perseverance

·         Leadership

·         Teamwork

·         Love of learning

·         Gratitude

All learners have unique strengths. At Auburn Girls High School our aim is to create a culture that identifies and develops these strengths to proactively increase the resilience, wellbeing and success of each girl.

This approach builds the skills and capacity of each individual girl to identify, value and extend her strengths so she may see herself at her best and make the most of her character strengths.

Our program is based on the elements of PERMAH which stands for:

Positive emotions






This model has been adapted from the work of Dr Martin Seligman, a leading psychologist in the field of Positive Psychology.