Auburn Girls High School

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High Potential and Gifted Students

Auburn Girls High School has a Selective class and an Enrichment class in Years 7 – 10 to cater for High Potential and Gifted Students. Information on a placement in these classes is included on the AGHS Website under “Enrolment”.

What does Auburn Girls High School offer High Potential and Gifted Students? 

  • We recognise and nurture students with natural abilities in all the domains to develop skills and realise talents in the academic, creative, sporting, technological, business, civics and citizenship areas.
  • All our teachers have completed the University of NSW Mini- Certificate of Gifted Education and are trained to differentiate the curriculum for high potential students
  • Many of our teachers have completed Bachelor and Master degrees specialising in Gifted Education
  • All our teachers complete ongoing Professional learning in Gifted Education
  • A school culture in which achievement in all areas is celebrated and rewarded
  • A continued commitment to data driven and evidence-based quality teaching and learning
  • Subject acceleration